Brazoria county divorce lawyer

Disgusting- Brazoria County Family Lawyer Shane Kersh from the Kersh Law Firm in Pearland Texas

Have you seen a lawyer try to act tough in court, not as a trial warrior, but as a physical warrior? At least a self proclaimed “physical warrior” 😂 Now you can; check out the video below.

Also do you want to see his other accomplishments? Such as felony and misdemeanor criminal charges of oppression, sexual harassment, solicitation of sex in exchange of attorney fees, and exposing his penis to a client? Get your popcorn out and click here

Brazoria county family lawyer Shane Kersh from the Kersh Law Firm in Pearland Texas, felony drug charging instrument
How does this guy still even have his license to practice law? Not even a suspension? The world is a strange place. This is why it is extremely important to research your lawyer before you hire them. Oh, let’s not forget, before all this, he was charged for felony drug charges around year 2000, and completed his probation in 2003. I have one question for him: When will you learn Shane Kersh of the Kersh Law Firm?

Since writing the blog, we have found out he has had another charge for domestic violence too. Wow. Don’t forget the video of the altercation is at the bottom. Shane Kersh