Getting More Money In Your Pockets After a Car Accident

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Getting in an auto accident is no fun. There are many long-lasting consequences that people don’t realize. I have been involved in a few accidents myself and to this day, I have a fear to get on the road and get rear-ended while at a light, or simply driving the speed limit and getting rear-ended, or another driver changing lanes and hitting me on the side because he/she didn’t see me. It gets scary. Aside from the psychological aspect, there is the most obvious damage to your car getting ruined (hopefully that’s the only serious damage).

Most insurance companies pay for your car’s damage without any issues, and they try to get you to get things done fast so that you don’t get an attorney involved.

There is a reason for that. Insurance companies know that if they deal with non-attorneys, they will almost certainly not have to pay nearly as much, because non-attorneys don’t know their rights or simply don’t know how to exercise those rights properly. A common question that many people after an accident have in their mind is: How Do I Get More Money (some don’t even know they can)?

A Good Attorney Can Not Only Get You Free Medical Treatment, But Will Also Put Extra Money In Your Pocket For Pain and Suffering

After an accident, there are so many people who think they are fine and will be satisfied simply by receiving a check in the mail from the insurance company for their car damages; Do Not Simply Settle For That. What people don’t realize in an auto accident is that the body is a unique physical being.

Many things happen in there that we do not immediately see or feel; this is why doctors exist. Just like lawyers are there to guide you in your legal needs, accountant and CPAs are there to help you and determine your financial needs, builders are there to determine your construction needs, and so-forth, doctors are there to help you determine your medical needs.

Therefore, seeing a doctor after an accident is a must. I know what you are thinking, many or most of you are thinking: “well, that’s great, but I don’t have the money for that” “my insurance deductible is too high”, “I don’t have insurance”, etc… Well, I have good news, the insurance will pay for it! And if you have an attorney, in most cases you will not have to pay the doctor any money until the case is settled.

How does my attorney help me so that I do not have to pay the doctors I see before my car accident case is settled?

In order to achieve this, what the lawyer does is send a letter to your treating physician informing them of the pending claim on the insurance policy, and that the doctor will get paid once the claim is settled.

This allows the doctor to treat you with some comfort that they will get paid at some point. The letter is commonly referred to as a “letter of protection”. Most doctors and lawyers have a good working relationship. It is rare that a doctor does not accept a letter of protection, but if they don’t, there is always the next doctor.

How does my attorney help me to get more money from the insurance company for my pain and suffering?

Other than the most obvious answer which is to fight and negotiate for you, and to make sure all your legal arguments are properly made, there are also more practical answers that are more easily understandable for clients.

For example, when the doctor sends his/her bill to the lawyer to send for collection from the insurance company when it’s time for payment, the lawyer is often able to negotiate with the doctor a significant reduction in the bill which means more money from the insurance company in your pockets.

Can the lawyer get paid more than me out of the settlement?

While it is not a practice in my firm, and I make it a rule that no matter how much money is made on a case, I NEVER take more than a client, there are many lawyers who take more money out of the settlement than the client. The most common practice is that each of the parties involved, the client, the lawyer, and the doctors, get 1/3 of the settlement each.

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